Ball Mill

Ball Mill

Ball mill

  • Ball mill is mining machinery processing equipment within a crushing plant, in conjunction with the continuous improvement of domestic, industrial economy has turn into an indispensable device. It is possible to apply to go on the road, coal, building components, metallurgy, railway, high-speed rail, water as well as other industrial sectors may be broken isn't greater than 320 MPa or extra Hard stones and supplies. Vico mill crusher with other ancillary use, like sand production line, stone production line, mineral production line equipment for crushing medium-need applications.
  • Just after rough break down the material crushed by the hoist transported for the silo, by adding a controlled feeding device mill warehouse, the material by way of the grinding media repeatedly collide inside the mill, grind within a row right after a unfavorable stress plus the effect of wind mill by the finish of discharge mill warehouse, the transition towards the air classifier silo delivery by air classifier
  • Soon after grading machine completed materials with negative wind in cyclones and bag collector collection, packaging, unqualified coarse material feeding device by returning once once more to return for the ball mill, to form an open-circuit grinding approach (this method can make adjustments in accordance with the material).


  • 1, choose a affordable aspect ratio mill configuration AF series of fine air classifier, 20% decrease than the exact same power consumption.
  • 2, using a cut-off point precise, substantial capacity, higher extraction rate and lots of other characteristics. Making use of a special feeding strategies, grading machine can reach the maximum processing capacity 200T / h, using a particular hierarchical structure could be divided impeller elected D97 = 2um of ultra-fine powder.
  • 3, according to the qualities of diverse materials, ball mill, classifier lining and grinding media, is usually higher chrome ball mill, alumina ball mills, zirconia ball mills, plastic ball mills as well as other components to make sure that the specifications of crushing higher purity, high whiteness supplies.
  • 4, a affordable proportion in the grinding media ball mill, AF series grader affordable hierarchical structure, in order that the output to maximize power efficiency, material crushing face balanced, than exactly the same product-hour capacity by 5% -10%.
  • 5, a big air classifier mill finished can pick supporting remote pneumatic conveying systems, from a single entrance through pneumatic conveying pipeline to export far more, multi-faceted. Complete sealed delivery.

Ball Mill Intelligent Development

  • The inevitable development process of human society is from the artificial to the semi mechanization, from fully mechanized to semi intelligent, and eventually nearly into fully intelligent age. We speak of the arrival of the era of 3G means that the semi intelligent era. But the production mode of ball mill equipment industry, remains in the degree of mechanization, and has not entered the diversification and intelligent degree.
  • With the continuous expansion of the ball mill industry, intelligent production has powerful function in the protection, information, services, etc.. This makes that it has more and more widely used in the mining industry, chemical industry, construction industry and other fields. In the era of intelligence, ball mill ushers in a new opportunity for development, and has brought a lot of opportunities.
  • In the rapid development of today, competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The customers have much higher requirements on the quality and service of ball mill. We need the more convenient and practical products. In the face of the plight that the industry mechanization degree is not high, if we still stay in the current development level, and still using the development scale and the development mode at present, then, the ball mill's survival space and development space will be smaller and smaller. We need to go the innovation development road.
  • The development of intelligent ball mill has met many questions. One of the problems is about the core components of the ball mill processing. The development of intelligent ball mill is inevitable to contact with the network, digital, and information. The research of the core components also need the advanced technology to support.
  • Then, someone maybe ask that what we should do. At present, we should thoroughly study the ball mill material, technology and other basis technology, the key technology, automatic detection, intelligent design system development and other technical field. Thus, they can provide the technology support for ball mill industry in the development of major new product. Only through the accumulation of R & D long time, can we finally usher in the ball mill industry semi intelligent and even all intelligent development.

Technical Data

Model Shell Size D×L(mm) E-Volume (m3) Ball Quanity (t) Rotate Speed (r/min) Power (kw) Output size (mm) Capaicty (t/h) Remark Weight(T)
MQY2122 2100×2200 6.7 14.7 23.8 160 0.8-0.074 22-5.0 380V 42.9- 46.5
MQY2130 2100×3000 9.2 17 23.8 185 0.8-0.074 25-5.8 380V 48
MQY2136 2100×3600 11 19 23.8 210 0.8-0.074 28-6.0 380V 49.9
MQY2430 2400×3000 12.2 23 22.8 250 0.8-0.074 34-6.6 380V 59.68
MQY2436 2400×3600 14.6 25 22.8 280 0.8-0.074 40.5-7.9 380V 62.9
MQY2445 2400×4500 18.2 31 22.8 355 0.8-0.074 50-9.8 380V 63.5
MQY2721 2700×2100 10.7 20 21.7 280 3.0-0.074 76-6.0 6-10KV 66.7
MQY2730 2700×3000 15.3 28 21.7 355 3.0-0.074 108-8.8 6-10KV 81.8
MQY2736 2700×3600 18.4 34 21.7 355-400 3.0-0.074 130-10.5 6-10KV 83.5
MQY2740 2700×4000 20.5 37 21.7 400-450 3.0-0.074 144-11.5 6-10KV 87.6
MQY2745 2700×4500 23 42.5 21.7 500 3.0-0.074 180-13 6-10KV 127
MQY3231 3200×3100 22.65 22.65 18.6 450 3.0-0.074 164-14.4 6-10KV 131
MQY3236 3200×3600 26.2 26.2 18.8 500 3.0-0.074 171-17.1 6-10KV 135
MQY3245 3200×4500 32.8 61 18.6 630 3.0-0.074 228-22 6-10KV 148.7
MQY3254 3200×5400 39.3 73 18.6 710 3.0-0.074 270-20 6-10KV 165
MQY3645 3600×4500 40.8 76 17.3 800- 1000 3.0-0.074 233-26 6-10KV 180
MQY3650 3600×5000 45.3 86 17.3 1120 3.0-0.074 260-31.5 6-10KV 200
MQY3660 3600×6000 102 102 17.3 1250 3.0-0.074 280-34 6-10KV 240
MQY3685 3600×8500 79 131 17.3 1500 3.0-0.074 400-45 6-10KV 280
MQY4564 4500×6400 85 174 14.54 2000 3.0-0.074 158 6-10KV 285
MQY4570 4500×7000 111 190 15.6 2500 3.0-0.074 200 6-10KV 350
MQY5080 5030×8000 145 240 14.2 3500 3.0-0.074 250 6-10KV
Note:The ball mill model can be customized according to demand.

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