LD Series Tracked Mobile Cone Crushing

LD Series Tracked Mobile Cone Crushing

LD Series Mobile Cone Crushing

  • LD series cone crushing plants (crawled mobile cone crushing station) are the ideal remedy of demolition recycling which heavily emphasizemobility and efficiency. The compact design ensures LD series crushing plants have the very best transportability and more crushing capacity.

Mobile cone crusher configuration device pictures and features

  • 1, crushing ratio, higher production efficiency
  • - The combination of larger speed and stroke, so crusher rated energy and significantly elevated capacity, improved crushing ratio and production efficiency. The hydraulic cone crusher crushing stroke, crushing speed and crushing cavity shape with the excellent combination of style than the old-fashioned spring cone crusher higher yield of 35% to 60%.
  • 2, the vulnerability of low consumption, low operating costs
  • - The outcome is reasonable, advanced crushing principle and technical data, reliable operation, low operating expense; all components were crusher put on protection, will lower upkeep charges to a minimum, the common life is usually improved by greater than 30%.
  • 3, laminated broken, fantastic completed grain shape
  • - By utilizing a particular intergranular laminating crushing chamber design and style principles and matching speed, replacing the regular single particle crushing principle, to attain selective crushing supplies, drastically increased the proportion of fine material goods and cube content lower flakiness material to a terrific extent.
  • 4. Hydraulic protection and hydraulic cavity clearing, higher degree of automation, minimize downtime
  • - Hydraulic adjustment nesting population crusher operation and overload protection level has been tremendously enhanced, and make maintenance simpler, a lot more handy, significantly less downtime; cone crusher-way via the iron release by hydraulic cylinders let iron crushing chamber, the aircraft inside the event of excessive iron and transient nausea autos, hydraulic power in the top rated, automatic nesting, drastically lowering the original spring cone crusher downtime essential for artificial nesting troubles, and lots of other suppliers crusher nevertheless it will shut down as a result of excessive iron card dead.
  • 5, rare lubrication, trustworthy sophisticated, improve life
  • - Exceptional design and style of thin oil lubrication method, significantly enhancing the service life of equipment. High functionality non-contact labyrinth seals wear, improves the reliability on the dust barrier, eliminating the frequent faults in the original spring cone crusher oil mixed with water, for example basic.
  • 6, various crushing chamber, flexible, adaptable
  • - Cone crusher basically replace fixed cone liner, moving cone liner, crushing cavity shape from regular ultra-coarse cavity to quick head cavity superfine any alter, adapt to a wide selection of solution size requirement.
  • 7, upkeep is very simple and easy to operate
  • - Cone crusher are all components and maintenance from the major or side entry, uncomplicated disassembly dynamic cone and fixed cone, with no dismantling the frame, tighten the bolts, so cone crusher liner routine replacement less difficult. The use of hydraulic motors, so the very best crusher productivity.
  • 8, which supply larger production capacity, the top product shape, and simple automatic handle, with maximum reliability and flexibility, genuinely produce much more value for users.


  • 1. Incorporated design.
  • 2. Truck mounted.
  • 3. Quick road transportation.
  • 4. With support legs on truck, quick to set-up.

Technical Data

model LD-S36 LD-S51 LD-HP220
Cone Crusher S36" S51" HP220
Belt Feeder GLD-1200×4/15 GLD-1200×4/15 GLD-1200×4/15
Hopper Volume (M3) 4 5 5
Feeding Height (mm) 2900 3100 3100
Main Conveyor B800x8 M B1000x9 M B1000x9 M
Height of Conveyor (mm) 2600 3100 3100
Generator (KW) 150 370 440
Transport Length (mm) 12000 14800 14800
Transport Width (mm) 3000 3100 3100
Transport Height (mm) 3700 4000 4000
Total Weight (t) 34.4 51 45

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