LD Series Tracked Mobile Impact Crushing

LD Series Tracked Mobile Impact Crushing

LD Series Mobile Impact Crushing

  • After the counter-mobile crushing station is a crusher crushing equipment as a mobile host, the entire session crushing impact crusher jaw crusher in general as a secondary crushing equipment. Impact of mobile crushing plant is mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, utilities, etc.
  • Often need to move materials processing operations, especially operations for highways, railways, hydropower engineering and other liquidity stone, different users can be processed according to the type of material, size and finished material requirements using a variety of configurations.


  • 1. Integrated Unit Installation form, eliminating the separate components of the complex field infrastructure installation operations, reduced material consumption hours. Reasonably compact unit space layout, improve the flexibility of field presence.
  • 2. Move the car crusher station sites is high, the body is less than the width of the trailer operators, small turning radius and easy ordinary highway driving, easier travel in rugged field area broken poor road conditions. Entered the site for quick saves time. Stationed in the area is more conducive to a reasonable construction, to mention a whole crushing process For a more flexible space and reasonable layout configuration.
  • 3. The mobile crushing station to the material for the first line of the field broken, eliminating the material is transported from the scene and then crushing the middle part, which greatly reduces the cost of shipping materials. Another more extended set of broken material directly into the transport wagon bucket, turn away from the scene.
  • 4. Integrated series mobile crusher station, can be used independently, or you can for the customer to process the material type, product requirements, provide a more flexible process configuration to meet the various requirements of users of mobile crushing, screening and other movement that generates organization, logistics and transport more direct and effective, cost to achieve maximum Of decrease.
  • 5. Mobile Crusher for crushing, fine crushing and screening system that can stand-alone group of independent operations, but also the composition of the system can be flexibly configured unit joint operations. Discharge hopper side out to provide a way for screening material handling variety of configuration flexibility, in addition to the integration of the power supply unit to the outside of the unit configuration of diesel generators,You can also configure the workflow system targeted to the joint power unit for easy maintenance and reliable performance.

Technical Data

Model LD-PF1210 LD-PF1214 LD-PFW1214 LD-PFW1315
Feeder GZD-960x3800 GZD-960x3800 GZD-960x3800 GZD-1100x4200
Impact Crusher PF1210 PF1214 PFW1214 PFW1315
Main Conveyor B800x8.5 M B800x8.5 M B800x8.5 M B1000x9 M
Height of Main Conveyor (mm) 3200 3200 3500 3500
Side Conveyor(Optional) B450x3 M B450x3 M B450x3 M B500x3.5 M
Height of Side Conveyor (mm) 2800 2800 2800 3000
Generator (KW) 200 250 300 380
Transport Length (mm) 11500 11700 11800 13500
Transport Width (mm) 2900 2900 2900 3200
Transport Height (mm) 3650 3650 3950 4160
Total Weight (t) 39 40 43 60

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