Belt Conveyor Current Development

Belt Conveyor Current Development

Belt Conveyor Current Development In China

  • Belt conveyor has been at least one hundred and fifty years history. With the rapid development of science and technology, new technology and new methods have continued to appear. The joint technology is improved. Belt conveyor has developed to a higher level.
  • The belt conveyer industry in China started relatively late. But in the driven by metallurgy, mining, coal, transportation, energy, building materials and other basic industries, the development speed of belt conveyor industry in our country is fast. In recent years, the domestic belt conveyor production has been increasing year after year. Coal, mining, ports, electricity, iron and steel, food and other industries will continue to expand the scale of investment. It will also drive the increasing market demand of belt conveyor.
  • Domestic belt conveyor has strong competitiveness in the international market due to the higher price. In the international market, the developing country is developing its own basic industrial. Such as India, Brazil, Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and other countries and regions on the demand of the belt conveyor is also gradually increase. Therefore, from the view of the domestic and foreign market current development, belt conveyor has a larger demand space.
  • At present, the current development of belt conveyor is hot. According to the demand of the market trend, belt conveyor will move towards the development direction of long distance, high power, and large capacity. At the same time, along with the implementation of energy-saving emission reduction policies, and the increase in government and the whole society to pay more attention on safe production, small scale thermal power, coal and cement production enterprises have been closed. Instead, there is the large enterprise with advanced technology. Therefore, the belt conveyor has higher requirements in the aspects of performance, quality, safety and reliability. This is also the current development of belt conveyor in China.
  • As the core parts of the belt conveyor determines the comprehensive performance of the whole machine, the specialized division of labor and cooperation will become the inevitable development trend of the belt conveyor industry. In the driven by belt conveyor market demand, the market value of the core components is also increasing. So the current development of belt conveyor also pays attention to the core components.

Belt Conveyor Current Development In Abroad

  • Host: The belt conveyor is a common machine in the mining industry. It is used in home appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, tobacco, plastic injection, post and telecommunications, printing, food and other industries. Many people must be concerned about its current development in abroad. Today, we invite the expert from Shanghai ZENITH company to take part in the interview. Welcome!
  • Expert: Hello, everyone. It's my great honor to be here and I am very happy to see you. I will try my best to solve your question.
  • Host: The development of belt conveyor in abroad has a guiding role for us. So we need to know the belt conveyor current development in abroad. Can you introduce to us?
  • Expert: Of course. I’m glad. Development of belt conveyor technology abroad is very fast. It mainly displays in two aspects. On the one hand, it is belt conveyor’s functional diversification, and application scope expansion. On the other hand, the technology and equipment of belt conveyor has achieved great development. Especially the big belt conveyor with the long distance, large capacity, and high belt speed has become the main development direction. Its core technology is the application of the dynamic analysis and monitoring technology, to improve the operation performance and reliability.
  • Host: So, what advantages does the now belt conveyors have?
  • Expert: The conveyors go to the large scale in order to meet the need of high yield and high efficient and intensive production. Secondly, it uses the dynamic analysis technology, mechanical and electrical integration, computer monitoring technology to do the dynamic monitoring and control on belt conveyor. The device operating performance is good, and transportation efficiency is high. In addition, it uses the key components technology with the new and high reliability. For example, the foreign advanced belt conveyor adopts the advanced high power drive device, the speed regulating device, high life and high speed roller, self-cleaning drum device, high efficient belt storage device, fast self-advancing tail etc..
  • Host: Thank you for the wonderful introduction.
  • Expert: You are welcome.

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