Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor Difference Home And Abroad

  • We are not strange with the belt conveyor. In many industries, we can see its shadow, such as the home appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, tobacco, plastic injection, post and telecommunications, printing, food etc. The development of belt in China has been many years. Because of the different materials and production situation, the belt conveyor is not same at home and abroad. Today, I will introduce the difference of belt conveyor at home and abroad. If you are interested in it, please read the following introduction.
  • The key technology of long distance, large power belt conveyor is the dynamic design and monitoring. It is the core technology of restricting the development of large belt conveyor. At present, China uses the rigid theory to analyze the belt conveyor and formulate the calculation method and design specification. But it is far with the actual situation.
  • Because of large power, long distance and multi machine driving, belt conveyor must use the soft starting mode to reduce brake tension, especially for the multi motor driving.
  • The main properties and parameters of belt conveyor in our country have been unable to meet the needs of high output and high efficiency coal mine. Especially the telescopic belt conveyor has a great difference with the foreign conveyor in the key components and functions.
  • Conveyor belt tensile strength is weaker than the foreign countries. The joint strength of our conveyor belt is 50% ~ 65% of the mother belt. But the foreign can reach up to 70% ~ 75%. Compared with other countries, our existing roller technology has the short service life, low speed, and high resistance. Domestic roller service life is only 30% ~ 40% of foreign products. Our conveyor reducer life is also far behind the developed countries.
  • In the drive way, foreign transmission modes have many types, such as BOSS system, CST controllable transmission system. The control precision is higher. In the monitoring device, the foreign conveyor uses the high-grade programmable controller PLC, and develops the advanced program software. Our conveyor only uses the mid-range programmable controller to control the conveyor start, normal operation, shutdown process.

Belt Conveyor Future Market Demand

  • Host: Belt conveyor is one of the conveyor line equipment. It is widely used in industry, and agriculture. Research on transmission line equipment in China has entered the adjustment stage. Belt conveyor, as one important transport machinery, will go into the small and medium-sized enterprises. For its future market demand, different people have the different ideas. So today, we invite the expert from Shanghai ZENITH to give us an introduction. Welcome!
  • Expert: Good morning. It¡¯s my honored to stand here. I¡¯m happy to share my learning content about belt conveyor¡¯s future market demand.
  • Host: Belt conveyor is the common conveying equipment. It plays an important role in our daily production. So can you first relate it for us?
  • Expert: I¡¯m glad. We can see belt conveyor¡¯s shadow in all walks of life. Its application is so wide, such as home appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, tobacco, plastic injection, post and telecommunications, printing and food industry. Belt conveyor has the advantages of strong conveying ability, long conveying distance, simple structure and easy maintenance. It can easily implement the procedures of control and automation. Belt conveyor is the essential equipment in the production line.
  • Host: For the large use, the market demand of belt conveyor is very thriving now and in the future, isn¡¯t it?
  • Expert: Yes. Entering into the market of belt conveyor is fact that can¡¯t be changed. The belt conveyor with large transport capacity and long distance has been widely applied in heavy machinery and other aspects. In the small and medium enterprises, belt conveyor has become the common machine in production equipment. In the future, the belt conveyor will be widely used in various industries. Belt conveyor uses a large number of advanced high technology content. This greatly improves the belt conveyor transport distance, carrying capacity and transport speed. The stability of belt conveyor has also been greatly improved. Automation control technology has also been applied to the belt conveyer. So in the future, its market demand will be much larger.
  • Host: Thanks for your wonderful introduction.
  • Expert: You are welcome.

Belt Conveyor Intelligent Development

  • Belt conveyor is the indispensable equipment in every walk of life. The intelligent development is its essential trend. The modern automatic production line not only liberates manpower, but also greatly improves production efficiency, and reduces the failure rate in the production process. It can be said that automatic equipment production line realizes machinery instead of labor. We enter into the industrial age with automatic and intelligent.
  • Automation is a part of the intelligent development. Automation equipment production line is developed by flowing water production line model. The first application of flow line production is the automobile manufacturing industry in last century twenty's. Since then, along with the continuous progress of the industrial technology, automation equipment production line gradually realizes the popularization and application in various industries.
  • As one of the most important parts in the automation equipment production lines, belt conveyor is a necessary machine for each processing link of production line. With the belt conveyor, automation equipment production line can connect into a line from points. China is a big country of manufacture. Chinese products are famous in the international market because of cheap. This is because China's labor resources are rich, and the wage level of workers is relatively low. So our products have always been to the absolute price advantage to occupy a large market share in the international market.
  • However, in recent years, along with the national attention to improve China's low-income residents and narrow the gap between rich and poor, labor and social security system is becoming more and more perfect. So the manufacturing industry are faced the problem with the workers¡¯ wages greatly enhance. In addition, the appreciation of the yuan makes that our products¡¯ price increases in foreign countries. This has brought the huge influence for products export of the manufacturing industry.
  • In this case, improve production efficiency. Maximize the pursuit of surplus value. At the same time, reduce the manpower cost. These become the main means for our country manufacturing industry to the maximum extent to reduce the export prices. Therefore, building automation and intelligent equipment production line is particularly important. Our conveyor industry enterprises should take the market demand as the guidance, and research the more intelligent and humanized belt conveyor.

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