Development Of Cone Crushe

Development Of Cone Crushe

Current Development Of Cone Crusher China

  • Description: Cone crusher is the most widely used crusher. It has a better development prospect. At present, it is widely used in the mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other departments. In order to meet the market need, cone crusher is improving all the time. So, how about the current development status of cone crusher in China? Let me introduce it for you.
  • Cone crusher has an important position in the ore crushing production line, and it is the key equipment in dressing plant. In recent years, due to the changes and demand of the market, in the domestic, whether crusher users or manufacturers of cone crusher, they all have a strong interest in it. The first is the introduction of foreign advanced cone crusher, and then be digested and absorbed. At last, it is the research, development and innovation.
  • According to statistics, the domestic manufacturers of crusher have hundreds. Only in Shanghai area, there are dozens of manufacturers. This shows the prosperous degree of domestic crushing machine manufacturing industry, and the fierce competition degree of cone crusher market.
  • According to my observation and understanding, the vast majority of domestic crusher manufacturers are failed to increase investment strength in independent research and development of new products. In the fierce market competition, the factory’s mutual imitation copy makes that domestic cone crusher overall can’t catch up with the foreign advanced cone crusher.
  • In this case, some domestic crusher manufacturers, especially the strong strength enterprises, increase the investment in research and development. They use the ways of independent research and development, and the factory and school cooperation. Based on the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced products, they strive to create the domestic advanced hydraulic cone crusher.
  • Many domestic manufacturers have produced a variety of multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. There are many manufacturers product the single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher with small specifications. Current development status of cone crusher in China is optimistic. With the advance of science, cone crusher will be more advanced.

Current Development Of Cone Crusher Abroad

  • Description: The first cone crusher is created in abroad. After so many years of development, the foreign cone crusher has been improving. Until now, many machines in our domestic are imported from abroad. They research and develop the advanced equipment. How about the current development status of cone crusher in abroad? May be it will become the development direction of our cone crusher. You can read the following introduction.
  • USA A llis2Chalmers company is the first to develop the hydraulic cone crusher. And it has also launched the high-energy cone crusher. Its theoretical basis is when the discharging granularity is certain, product is finer, then, the crushing ratio is larger, and the consumption is higher. That is to say, the product’s fine grain content is proportional to the input power. When the material properties and grain size are certain, crushing machine input power increase, and the yield increase, the product size is reducing.
  • The Swedish Svedala group H series hydraulic cone crusher adopts the structure: steep cone, high swing frequency, small eccentricity, bottom single cylinder hydraulic support, and the top of the planet carrier. It adopts the automatic control device for the on-line control of the discharge port. The cone crusher can be installed 7 types of crushing chamber from coarse to fine. It provides the convenience for the user.
  • HP series cone crusher, which is the new generation product by American Rexnord company, is to use the laminated crushing principle to break material. It realizes the selective crushing. It not only saves energy, but also has good product size characteristic. It reduces the excessive grinding, and is the maximum to meet "more crushing and less grinding" requirements.
  • America Cedarapids company launches a new generation of MVP type rolling bearing hydraulic cone crusher. It uses the cross shaft drive, high swing frequency, large eccentricity, the large capacity motor, high crushing force, and good crushing effect. Hydraulic control discharging mouth and overload protection, improving the machine and reliability. The effect of labyrinth seal is good. The lining board is provided with 6 groups for selected users, and the service life is long. The product size characteristic is also good.
  • This is only a little introduction about the current development status of cone crusher in abroad. In many countries, the design of cone crusher is developing.

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