Influence Factors Of Impact Crusher Efficiency

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Influence Factors Of Impact Crusher Efficiency

Impact crusher is a common crushing machine. Its application is very broad. The high work efficiency is our concern. So, how to improve the work efficiency of impact crusher? What factors will affect its production efficiency? If you know these influence factors, and pay attention to them, believe that your work efficiency will be improved. Today, I will introduce the material’s property influence on impact crusher work efficiency.

The Hardness Of Materials

The more hard material is more difficult to be crushed, and the equipment wear is more serious. The broken rate is slow, of course, crushing capacity is small. This requires that we must be moderate in material selection.

The Material Humidity

When the material contains large water, the material is easy to adhesion in the crushing process, and easy to transport on the blanking process jams. Then, it will cause that the crushing capacity decreases. In order to solve this problem, in the material choice, we must strictly control the material humidity. If the material humidity is too big, we can use sunlight or dry way to reduce material moisture percentage.

The Fineness Of The Finished Product

Fineness requirements are high, and the crushing capacity is smaller. This aspect should see concentrator specific requirements. If there are no special requirements, general materials will set system as the medium fineness.

The Material Composition

The crushing material containing more fine powder is more difficult to crushing. Because the fine powder is easy to adhere and affect the conveying, for the materials contenting the fine powder should be once screened. The fine powder is selected as far as possible from the material, so as not to affect the normal work of the impact crusher.

The viscosity of the material

Material viscosity is bigger, and it is more easily adhesion. The viscosity of material can be adhered on the inner wall of the crushing cavity. If the staff is not timely to clean it, it will not only seriously impact crusher work efficiency, but also will affect the normal work of the crusher. Therefore, when choosing materials, attention must be paid to the material viscosity. It can not be too large.

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