Jaw crusher working principle

Jaw crusher working principle


The common damage forms of compound pendulum jaw crusher machine’s moving jaw have: inner hole wear, spring rod broken link and local crack or overload fracture, manufacturing complex and so on. Because of the large working palate weight of moving jaw, it is one of the main components of jaw crusher machine. Therefore, when it is damaged, it cannot be changed simply and it should take various methods to repair.

Moving Jaw Assembly Forms:

The small and medium size jaw crusher machine’s moving jaw inner hole assemble forms: one is installed in the hole Babbitt bushes, the other is rolling bearing installed in the hole. When the Babbitt bushing is worn, it will change the spare shaft sleeve and be repaired or casting off the Babbitt bush. The inner hole installed with rolling bearing will have wear loose rolling bearing outer ring and inner hole for the fretting wear, installation or work for a long time. The repair welding methods have inner hole welding and inner hole bushing.

Inner Hole Welding:

Inner hole welding is to use manual arc welding which is on both ends of a layer of the same or similar material, and then to reaming process, reaming technology must be carried out according to the design with precision.

Inner Hole Bushing:

The method of assembling inner hole jaw crusher has complicated technology but it is very suitable for the cast iron material moving jaw. If the inner hole is worn again, it needs to change the inner sleeve. It can greatly simplify the repair process. The inner hole set will firstly enlarge the inner boring and then put the special casing in the hole to compensate for wear and tear. Finally, in accordance with the requirements will cooperate with the processing to the basic size.

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