jaw crusher spare parts

jaw crusher spare parts


The construction and principles of impact crusher are introduced. The influence of various parameters on the performance of impact crusher is analyzed. The measures of frequent problems are put forward.

Main Existing Problems of Impact Crusher Machine:

The angle between material impact plate movement direction and impact vertical angle is too large. Materials cannot have the impact with the plate and it will produce not enough impact force. The crushed materials size will not meet the technology requirements and large size materials will make blocking.

Between the two impact plates, the space is too small and it will make the materials blocking. It will cause serious wear of impact plate, inner capacity, hammer plate and the bearing temperature will rise and motor power will rise.

The impact plate will wear quickly and it will need large numbers of spare parts and it will occupy lots of capital and take high production operation costs.

Modification Scheme:

It will increase the collision chance between material and impact plate and it will increase the impact strength to ensure the materials’ size and the successfully flow of materials. To prevent the front of the body block and prevent the body wear, the impact hammer material is changed from high manganese steel into high chromium iron which has high hardness and good wear-resistant characteristics. It can effectively reduce the material wear consumption. The plate hammer structure will be changed into double working sides. The wear sides are changed into four. The one plate hammer will be used as two ones and it will prolong the plate hammer service lifetime.

Modification Effect:

The above modification scheme is easy to be realized. It will take less operation cost and has short cycle. The first two methods need to adjust the impact plate position just through adjusting the nut position and it does not need to change the machine’s other parts. The last two methods need to manufacture the impact hammer and the rotor structure does not need to change.

After modification, the crusher machine can work normally and it has achieved good effect. It has effectively solved the machine’s blocking material problem and the crushed size can reach the desired requirements. The impact hammer has longer service lifetime and it is three times longer than the original ones. The operation costs are obviously reduced.

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