Barite Mineral Grinding Machine

Barite Mineral Grinding Machine


It will introduce the existing problems and the development trends of the reduction of vibration and noise of the grinding mill. The application of the damping technology used in mill will be taken. On this basis, this measurement of reduction of vibration and noise of mill is given.

Reasons of Producing Grinding Mill Noise and Vibration:

Grinding mill is the important powder making machine. It is the special used machine to make the block size materials into powder size. Recent years, the noise and vibration in grinding mill are troubling many clients. It needs to solve these problems as soon as possible.

Vibration is the main reason to produce noise. vibration and noise problem has strong system dependence and time dependence and coupling relationship, so vibration control can not only protect the equipment and personnel from the harm of vibration, and the vibration reduction measures can effectively control noise pollution.

Damping vibration can improve the system energy dissipation ability; and it can achieve the purpose of reducing vibration. There are many ways to increase the damping system, such as using high damping materials manufacturing parts, additional damping performance good damping materials in the system, increase the relative friction moving parts, such as vibration damper installed in the system.

Methods of Reducing Noise and Vibration in Grinding Mill:

The analysis of the vibration test signals. It is to get grinding mill vibration signs and sensitive parameters from source, using time domain analysis, frequency spectrum analysis, demodulation analysis, detailed analysis, axis path analysis and phase analysis method for integrated analysis of the vibration signals.

Having the structural dynamic performance optimization design. The traditional grinding mill only has the static strength check; some even rely on experience to carry on the design. The dynamic performance of a structure is often ignored. Therefore, it needs to optimize the structure of the dynamic performance.

Having the damping process for grinding mill housings. Through analysis on the dynamic performance, it will set damping materials to reduce the noise.

It needs to install damping sleeve between the connection roller bearing outer rings and bearing the sitting room. It will reinforce the housings of the wall in order to reduce vibration.

According to the grinding mill¡¯s weight and weight load, it needs to install the suitable damper between grinding mill and ground.

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