Current Development Of Impact Crusher

Current Development Of Impact Crusher

Current Development Of Impact Crusher China

  • Description: Impact crusher is the common equipment as the second or third crushing equipment. With its increasing function, impact crusher is used in metallurgical, chemical, building materials, highway, railway, hydropower engineering and other industries. With the development of society, its current development situation in China is good. Today, I will introduce the current development of impact crusher in China. If you have interest in it, you can read the following introduction.
  • Impact crusher is mainly using the impact force to break the brittle material. Jaw crusher, cone crusher and roll crusher are mainly using the extrusion force to crush the materials. Compared with the extrusion crusher, impact crusher has high crushing ratio, particle, simple structure, less energy consumption and other characteristics. And the crusher’s feeding port is big. The hammer is novel. The chassis can flip, and maintenance is convenient.
  • Impact crusher is evolved from the jaw crusher. Its development in China is relatively late. In 1950s, China really had the impact crusher. In 1980s, our domestic crusher limited to the processing of coal, limestone, and other hard materials. Until the end of 1980s, China introduced the KHD type hard rock crusher, to fill the domestic blank without high hardness crusher.
  • At the beginning, the core parts of impact crusher fully depend on imports. At present, the domestic impact crusher has been rapid development. Now, the domestic hammer plates not only replace the imported hammer plate, but also are exported to Europe and America, Japan and other countries. But, it can't deny that we still only make crusher from the foreign imitation. China still does not have its own characteristics. In the future development, we should insist on technological innovation, and get rid of the single product import and model, to improve the ability of independent research and development.
  • With the superiority of impact crusher has been gradually accepted and recognized in China, in recent years, it has also emerged a large number of well-known impact crusher manufacturers. They together research and develop the impact crusher. Believe that in the future, we will create the advanced impact crusher.

Current Development Of Impact Crusher Abroad

  • In 1924, the foreign first developed and produced two types of impact crusher: single and double rotor impact crusher. Since then, the impact crusher is becoming the main crushing equipment. With the development of our society, the market increases the need of impact crusher. In the foreign countries, impact crusher is developing all the time.
  • With the further development of crushing technology and the improvement of crushing theory, a variety of impact crushers with the high performance are endless. At present, the foreign manufacturers of impact crusher, which are more representative, are mainly German Hazemag. KHD, Krupp company, Japan's Kawasaki, American Ccdarapids company (formerly Iowa machinery company), Sweden Svedala, Finland company, Dragon company in France and Spain Rover company.
  • Impact crushers in Spain Rover company have a very extensive series. From the coarse impact crusher to sand making impact crusher, there are eight series in total, and nearly a hundred kinds of specifications. Its structure has one's own knack. According to the company experts said, for the mid-hard rock crusher, the service life of hammer plate is up to 3-6 months.
  • In addition, recently, the German Hazemag&EPR company develops a new Hazemag SQ type rotor for its impact crusher. The rotor is the opening type. The rear fixing plate is embedded in the groove. The striking plate can be inserted from the side or the upper of fixed plate, with the wedge block to be fixed. The striking plate integrates the advantages of S type and Q type. It can turn around and use, improving the utilization rate.
  • At the same time, in order to enhance the mobility of the crusher, foreign countries have also developed the wheeled and tracked mobile crusher station. The wheel type mobile impact crusher is popular in America, and the tracked mobile impact crusher is popular in Europe. At present, in order to adapt to the need of market and customers, impact crusher is serialized, standardized, large-scale development. With the development of science, we should use the modern electromechanical integration technology and modern control methods, and continuously improve the degree of automation of impact crusher, reducing labor intensity of workers, and improving the productivity.

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